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                Abby Salutes Higher Education by going Back to School















  • 03/27/05 A major surprise awaited the SmetcoWorld team as they stormed into Detroit for Paczki day, Click HERE for details!





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It is difficult to keep up with the many things going on at SmetcoWorld. That is why we have archived our press releases.

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About SmetcoWorld

The SmetcoWorld Headquarters, is a leading fictitious company focusing on making as much
money as possible without doing any useful work. The leading division is the "Anything For A
Buck" (AFAB) division and will do whatever it takes in order to put food (and drink) on the
table. This includes working for a large Swiss bank as well as working for a large complex
software company


Company Profile - These are the players that ROCK the corporation.....

   President and CEO:  Ron

   CFO:  Jenn

   New Employee: Abigail Grace


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