Abby Completes the Second Year Plan

Website Update Silences Critics.

Abby has just finished her second year at SmetcoWorld, The web site updates have not been as timely as expected. Maybe this outsourcing thing has not been such a good idea after all. Regardless, Abby would like to clear the air as to what has really been going on at SmetcoWorld. After all, the stockholders are important. Really.



Abby has been working really hard. Like any hard worker, Abby has joined a bowling league. Never trust a CEO who does not bowl. 



Abby goes to work early every day. Here she is shown getting ready for her morning commute. Abby likes her job so much, she enjoys Mondays.



Abby has volumes of information to sift through every day. This sometimes results in the perception that she is not responding promptly. We at SmetcoWorld can assure you that she is definitely well read.



Abby answers her mail personally. Sometimes it requires a good stiff drink due to some of the ridiculous requests that she receives. (Abby is shown here responding to a request for timely website updates.)


Some days, Abby is tempted to just forget the daily grind and hang out with the Cowboys and Cowgirls...



But then she remembers that she loves her job----and don't forget that "respect for the stockholders" thing.



Pride like this is what keeps SmetcoWorld Number One.


Abby sometimes even wears a disguise when traveling in public.


The problem is that sometimes Abby gets fed too much information...(and cake).


Abby sometimes worries about her staff. Here she wonders why there are four candles to celebrate the completion of the two year plan.

Stay tuned for more timely SmetcoWorld updates!






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Last modified: March 30, 2005