Current Baby Summary:

Sex: Girl

(Parents follow family tradition of having a girl as the first baby. The tradition of have 50 years of boys born to parents living in this house has been broken.)

Proposed birthdate: May 23, 2005 

Actual birthdate: March 30, 2005

(Although first time babies are usually late, this baby just wants to play and have fun.)

Actual birth weight: 3 pounds, 10.6 ounces 

(Some girls do not like to talk about their weight.)


Baby Bloggings....


February, 2005

February was another eventful month for me. 

I had a chance to practice my kicking of Mommy's tummy. I usually do this from 1:30am until about 4:00am. Hey why not? This is one of the few times that I will not be on any schedule---at least one that I can set! And Geeez, Mommy---what is up with all those carbs? I can't wait to be born so that I can put down some BBQ or a steak or something. 

But it is not all about me. Yet. 

I am sensitive to my Mommy's well being. She sure goes to get a lot of tests. I go along with this. I figure that this is good training for me to follow her around. Yesterday, she had the big sugar test. She drank the equivalent of four Chocolate shakes and the doctor had to measure the sugar in her blood every hour for three hours. I did not mind this of course---but it was kind of boring.

All I want to do is have some fun...

MARCH, 2005

March came in like a lamb but is going out like a lion.

I have been really been trying to be nice to my mommy this month. However, I am not a creature of infinite patience. She has been working way too hard.  Here is a couple of things that she did:

  1. She took me to work for some customer presentation. It was up on the 33rd floor of some building in Manhattan. There was some kind of fire on the 41st floor and the whole building was evacuated. WE had to go down 66 flights of stairs. This is a lot of work for me even though I am not walking yet. I just had to endure this trip although I realize that my mom did not enjoy it either. I still thing about this....bounce, bounce, bounce.  My mommy was tired from this trip down the stairs. You can imagine how I felt!
  2. She took me out to another customer presentation. I was really getting into the meeting when my mom had to leave to well, lets just say she had to lose some weight. I do not know why she calls this morning sickness---this was the middle of the afternoon. How am I supposed to gain some weight when this keeps happening?

So anyway, I was getting tired of her working so hard. So I made her check into the hospital. The net of it all is that I have struck a deal. If mommy rests all day and does not do anything stressful, I will stay right where I am until I am ready to come out. I am really playing hardball. Not bad for a little person, eh?

I am looking forward to having time to bond with my mommy.

MARCH 30, 2005

Today, I was born. 

My parents were pretty surprised about this. They need to realize that some girls just want to have fun. My mom and daddy took me to the hospital at 8:30am and I was born at 11:37am. The doctors and nurses were fine and they were nice enough to let me rest in the NICU. My Aunt (AKA Dr. Carolyn) came up from some hospital in Baltimore to check on my new digs. I will be living in the NICU for a few weeks so she was checking to ensure that I was as comfortable as possible. They say that hospital food is not too good but since I am not eating yet, this will not be a problem for me. I did get a chance to meet Aunt Nancy as well as my grandparents today. There are so many people that I easily get confused with all the different names. (I get that from my Daddy.) I am expecting to meet a few more people before my vacation in the NICU is over. 

Enough of all this excitement. I really need to get some sleep.


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Last modified: March 30, 2005